“Employees are more likely to dare to speak in English. The training allowed to take a step for some, and reinforced the confidence of those who already had a good level.”


Internationalize the teams of a fast-growing startup specialized in HR management. Increasing the skills of all salespeople and project managers up to a B2 level in English was a major strategic challenge.


At the end of tailor-made training courses lasting 10 to 20 hours according to their needs, 100% of the team members followed have reached at least the target B2 level. All of them testified that they were now more comfortable and confident in speaking when working in English.

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Chloé De Belly
Knowledge & Career Manager @Skello
When you contacted Lingueo, what was your training need?

Our start-up is in full growth and one of our challenges was to succeed in our internationalization. Our need for training was then to give employees the opportunity to improve their English skills for more fluid exchanges between employees from all walks of life.

What jobs were affected by this training need, and what skills were in demand?

Before contacting various training organizations likely to meet our need for language training, we carried out a mapping on the level of English of employees (in relation to the CERCL criteria, common European framework of reference for languages) and another on the degree of use of English in their professional practice. By combining the two parameters, we identified profiles to be trained as a matter of priority. Any employee was potentially concerned. All institutional communications are in English. It is therefore essential that everyone, regardless of their function, master at least the basics in order to understand.

What were Lingueo's assets in meeting Skello's needs?

Lingueo's proposal seduced us because it gave us the opportunity to learn at their own pace and according to their specific needs.And since learning a language also involves feeling with the trainer, Lingueo gave us the freedom to be able to change it, on a case-by-case basis, if an employee wanted it. Beyond this benevolent and personalized pedagogical approach, we also appreciated the proposal for direct follow-up between the client manager and learners to respond to individual requests.

How did the training take shape?

The project team communicated to the identified collaborators and made them aware of this training opportunity in English lasting 10 hours or 20 hours.

How does the training received respond to the daily professional life of your employees?

Often it is not academic knowledge in English that they lack, but rather the confidence to express themselves in a language other than their native language. Once they finish their studies, opportunities to converse in English are not so frequent, apart from stays abroad. Here, the individual lessons allowed everyone to dare to speak, to practice speaking face-to-face. The Lingueo course made a difference for some, and reinforced the confidence of those who already had a good level of English.

Les enseignements tirés de cette mission, côté Lingueo

Through this collaboration with Air France, we have learned to co-create tailor-made training for a very specialized target audience. We have also seen the effectiveness of a course aimed at disinhibiting people through humor.

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