“The airline's pilots were very satisfied! They enjoyed being trained individually, with a dedicated coach.”


Allow nearly 300 pilots with a complex schedule to follow training adapted to their job, in order to improve  announcing in English.


We created a tailor-made training course with the management of Air France, for which 30 dedicated English teachers trained pilots. We supported 287 pilots over a period of 3 months, offering them the flexibility and ease of use that their job requires.

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Caroline Faurie
Air France Customer Experience Manager
How did we define Air France's training needs?

Air France-KLM has more than 3,500 pilots and has a dedicated training department within the group.

The main challenge for Air France is for our pilots to communicate more and better during flights through the various announcements, both on current and unexpected information.

What jobs were affected by this training need, and what skills were in demand?

The aim was to train Air France instructors, captains and airline pilot officers on a voluntary basis. The increase in skills was specific and aimed at level 4 or 5 pilots in English (level 6 being seen as the mastery of the language by a native). The aim was to make their ads more fluid and personalized. The idea was to be able to adapt the messages according to the language proficiency of each pilot according to his desires.

How did the training take shape?

For each pilot, an initial exchange made it possible to  grasp the linguistic level and specific expectations. Then, depending on availability, lessons were put in place. The objective was to find a way for everyone to approach the announcements and then to practice and converse to gain ease.Our airline pilots have plannings/schedules that can sometimes be changed without notice. The courses should be able to be offered on weekdays and weekends, and be adapted to the different time zones of the Air France network for those wishing to take courses during their stopovers. This reactivity and this adaptability were very much appreciated.

How does the training received respond to the daily professional life of your employees?

We did not want traditional language training but a module adapted to the mission of the pilots (introduce themselves, present their technical and commercial crew, speak during so-called hazard situations — medical diversion, turbulence, etc.) .Lingueo put into situation the pilots working on each of their announcements, in an individualized way.

Did the training create other training needs?

In the end, the module is a real success, so much so that it is also offered in our training offer for PNC personnel and always available to pilots as part of their CPF.

Les enseignements tirés de cette mission, côté Lingueo

Through this collaboration with Air France, we have learned to co-build tailor-made training for a very specialized target. We also saw the effectiveness of a course aimed at disinhibiting people through humor.

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