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Business English course

“Very rich and varied course, with a practice of expression, comprehension and vocabulary. Very pleasant to follow, we deal with lively themes such as current events or business.”

Portrait de Cécile

Cecile V.

Doctor, business English training
French Sign Language: Intermediate Level

Very good exchanges with Céline, we learn basic words that are already useful to us! My two-month-old daughter really likes the nursery rhyme, who can listen to it and watch it on repeat without getting tired of it.

Valérie P.

Korean : Advanced Level

Lynn is really great and makes me very comfortable with verb conjugation, my Achilles heel. The courses are of excellent quality with a great learning method.

Tiana B.

Financial analyst
Arabic: Intermediate Level

The teacher teaches by combining pedagogy, anecdote, culture and history of the Arabic language. I really like to learn based on this apprenticeship. I sincerely thank Rachid.

Yanis D.

Taxi driver
German : Audiovisual sector

The German courses I am taking with Alexandra are effective and rewarding. I study all the elements of language (vocabulary, grammar, syntax, pronunciation). We exchange a lot during the lessons, which allows me to improve my speaking skills. In addition, we discuss interesting topics related to Germany.

Tony F.

Cybersecurity specialist
Polish: Beginner Level

The more the courses progress the more satisfied I feel to have chosen Lingueo. The courses are very diverse, we deal with various themes and it is very pleasant. I hope to continue this learning and make rapid progress.

Sandrine P.

French Sign Language: Beginner Level

Very pleasant training. The teacher makes sure to make us feel at ease, and listens to all our questions. We are happy with the first course.

Sandrine P.

Chinese: Intermediate Level

I learned new words during the second lesson, which was more complicated than the first, but even more interesting. Observation, listening, my trainer gave me the desire to learn and to continue learning effectively. Can't wait for the next one!

Thierry B.

Arabic: Advanced Level

It really is a great course! The method of teaching with roleplaying is great for studying! And the new words learned at the top!

Stéphanie D.

Russian: Beginner Level

A real pleasure to follow these Russian courses, there is a real wealth in the background of the courses and it really allows you to progress and advance.

Sandrine P.

Arabic: Advanced Level

Very good teaching materials, well adapted and rewarding training. I am progressing more quickly than I expected. The teacher is motivating and friendly.

Sylvain F.

English : Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals sector

This site is my favorite of the year. At first, I told myself that it was not for me because the webcam scared me a bit but the customer service supported me well, reassured me and treated me really well. We tested my equipment and then I was able to take an English class for free with Zoé, my teacher who has remained so ever since.

Pedro D.

German: Physics sector

This course made me feel more confident. They are quite simple but very effective. The methodology used is perfect. The teacher does not hesitate to review certain concepts that I did not fully understand. I am learning vocabulary little by little. At each session, I found new motivation.

Sabine K.

Portuguese: Intermediate Level

A tailor-made course that adapts very well to each student, both in terms of content and in terms of the general planning of the training. In just a few hours, the teacher assesses your level well and can organize his course according to the needs of each student.

Olivier D.

German : Management sector

Very rewarding training. Exercises are good for progression and learning. And the trainer is always in a good mood and always available. It motivates me a lot to learn with Lingueo.

Sandrine D.

Artificial intelligence developer
French Sign Language: Beginner Level

It was an amazing training. Training done in joy and good humor. I highly recommend Céline because she is an excellent teacher. She shared her passion for sign language with us.

Sabrina W.

Polish: Intermediate Level

Being American, it's great to be able to speak French at the very beginning of the course, just before my lesson in Polish. My level is still very low, but I really enjoy listening and asking questions when I don't understand. Jolanta, the teacher, is very patient and kind!

Pascal O.

Polish: Intermediate Level

The more the courses progress, the more satisfied I feel that I chose Lingueo. The courses are very diverse, we deal with various themes and it is very pleasant. I hope to continue this learning and make rapid progress.

Sandra L.

General practitioner
Polish: Intermediate Level

Not only are the Polish language courses that I took with this organization of very good quality, but the monitoring of my progress and all the exercises that I had to do between each course were perfectly adapted to my needs. Bravo!

Molly R.

Civil engineer
German: Intermediate Level

Lingueo courses are very motivating and encourage you to keep going! The trainer is great, she is very involved in ensuring that the training goes as well as possible. Can't wait for the next class!

Nicolas L.

Spanish : Bank sector

I have just finished the 10-hour course and can't wait to continue. The courses with Marianna are fun, rewarding, effective and the time goes by so quickly that I was always amazed that the course was already over! I highly recommend Lingueo!

Max P.

Financial analyst
Arabic: Beginner Level

I have learned a lot and I am getting useful and relevant answers to all my questions. I find it very good to receive the course material in advance, it allows me to better prepare for it.

Marie E.

Korean: Beginner Level

I'm enjoying how the training is unfolding. The exercises are well targeted and are a good opportunity to review the fundamentals that I really need to study.

Laurent L.

Data analyst
German : Intermediate Level

I took Lingueo courses in order to improve my speaking German, so that I become more fluent. The objective has been achieved. In addition, being able to use Teams allows us to share web links, videos or audio files as a support for work or exchange. Danke Lingueo!

Marc G.

Korean: Beginner Level

Once again an exciting course. Madame Min's classes are as pleasant as ever and always make you want to learn a little more!

Laurent M.

Management consultant
Polish: Advanced Level

Once again, it was a very good idea for Lingueo to set up courses by Teams. As far as Polish is concerned, Marianna is very methodical and pedagogue, the topics we cover are varied and the short vocabulary summary at the end of the course is very useful.

Marny L.

Korean: Intermediate Level

Second class with Ji-Hye and I already feel like I am making good progress. I am learning a lot of vocabulary and that is exactly what I wanted. The fact that the teacher also speaks French very well also helps to unblock certain situations in order to really move forward.

Marie O.

Chinese : Advanced Level

Another great course, exciting, always progressing and deepening, it's perfect. Thanks to my teacher for being so professional, available, motivating and for creating a training program with Lingueo.

Louis O.

Polonais : Niveau Avancé

La visio s’est révélée efficace pour me remettre progressivement au polonais. Mon prof est excellent et il sait me faire progresser à mon rythme. Je n’ai pas à me déplacer et je prends mes cours avec ma webcam. Je le recommande, ils sont vraiment sérieux et on peut les appeler à tout moment pour avoir un conseil, c’est très agréable.

Maria M.

Agent de police
Arabic: Intermediate Level

The course corresponds to what I expected. I need to resume discussions in Arabic because I haven't spoken it for a long time. The course is fluid and the teacher very available.

Katty P.

School teacher
Polish: Beginner Level

Very professional trainer and quality courses. I am discovering a new learning model that is a change from my usual routine.

Katarina P.

French Sign Language: Advanced Level

French Sign Language is not easy to learn. But it is very interesting. There is a whole culture behind this language to assimilate. The teacher is really amazing. We have dealt with various and varied subjects in the four corners of the world. Very pleasant, I highly recommend!

Katarina T.

Norwegian: Advanced Level

Olav is very easy to access and we were able to have interesting dialogues. The fundamental grammar points are gradually coming back, as well as the vocabulary, which is also being enriched... remains to be memorized! Takk og på gjensyn!

Kévin G.

French : Intermediate Level

The complete training with Elena includes several topics. We are working on my oral expression, I am regaining ease by improving certain points. We see grammar, conjugation, and new vocabulary. The course materials are simple and up-to-date. I really like the working methods.

Jérôme O.

Video game designer
Polish: Intermediate Level

Very professional trainer and quality courses. I am discovering a new learning model that is a change from my usual intellectual routine.

Katarina R.

French Sign Language: Beginner Level

I found the course very interesting, we discussed things and others on several topics. Florence is an educational teacher, she corrected me and helped me correct my foreign accent. I am thrilled!

Isabel A.

Travel agent
Arabic: Intermediate Level

Rachid gives me good advice, and I really appreciate the fact that he adapts the courses according to my goals and my level. Thanks Lingueo!

Emilie L.

Real estate agent
Polish : Advanced Level

We played a game about constraints, it was very interesting. You learn while having fun. I am progressing quickly and I understand the pronunciation better and better.

Emilie P.

Japanese : Intermediate Level

The courses take place through real exchanges. The teacher makes learning easy. She is very professional. I was able to learn new words and expressions in a few courses. Thanks.

Emilie P.

Environmental engineer
Korean: Intermediate Level

A very interactive course that allowed me to express myself freely. A big thank you to the teacher, it was a great course.

Isabel T.

French Sign Language: Beginner Level

It is a pleasure to follow the courses. I am able to sign off on my main daily activities. My boyfriend seems to like the fact that I can communicate with him better. I highly recommend classes with Céline.

Isabel D.

Early childhood educator
English : Intermediate Level

After taking all the courses, I can say that I appreciated the fact that I was able to communicate directly with an English teacher. I find that the courses are very well organized, and they encourage me to progress. I am going to take other courses with Lingueo.

Frieda D.

Baby French Sign Language

I am learning French sign language with Jimmy. He has a very good culture of people with hearing disabilities and this is reflected in his teaching. I highly recommend this course.

Jean-Charles K.

Interior designer
Arabic: Beginner Level

Rachid knows that even though I understand the basic sentences quite well, I have not yet assimilated the grammatical bases. The course was very informative because it allowed me to understand that I need to consolidate the grammatical bases in order to make good progress.

Isabel D.

Car mechanic
French Sign Language: Beginner Level

I am delighted with the training with Céline. The lessons are clear and fun. I made rapid progress. My baby is now showing his first signs and I am happy to be able to communicate with him every day. I would highly recommend Lingueo.

Gwendoline R.

Arabic: Advanced Level

There is real interaction during discussions. The teacher is attentive, enthusiastic and wants to interest the student. Flexible and adaptable. Definitely recommend.

Brigitte L.

Arabic: Beginner Level

Loved this first class. The teacher put my trust in me. And he took the time to rehearse if needed.

Corinne A.

French Sign Language: Beginner Level

It's really complicated not to communicate with words, but it's so great to be able to understand and express yourself with signs. Thanks Lingueo!

Claude P.

Korean : Advanced Level

Courses that are both interesting and informative, Lynn allows students to learn at their own pace, without pressure. Indeed, it is encouraging and reassuring, it feels good. 감사합니다.

Christine N.

Italian : Intermediate Level

The courses are interactive. We ask questions and the teacher answers us by giving explanations. She is a Fantastica teacher. Available, responsive and pedagogue, she managed to put me at ease by valuing my efforts. It is sometimes difficult to speak because because of our fears and the possible mistakes that we can make. Lingueo helps me to progress without judging myself.

Charlotte L.

Video game designer
Norvégien : Niveau Intermédiaire

Très très intéressant ces cours de norvégien, parfaitement ce qu'il me fallait et ce qui me correspond, je prend vraiment du plaisir à chaque cours et à la fin j'ai hâte de réserver le prochain ! Je sens de réels progrès et je progresse en m'amusant, rien de mieux ! Je conseille vraiment Lingueo, le feeling avec ma professeure est très bien passé, certains de mes objectifs sont déjà atteints.. Je n'ai plus peur de parler norvégien !

Aurore K.

Norwegian: Intermediate Level

A course designed as tailor-made that adapts very well to each student, both in terms of content and in terms of the general planning of the training. In just a few hours, the teacher assesses your level well and can organize his course according to the needs of each student. Mange takk!

Audrey B.

Brazilian Portuguese: Intermediate Level

A great course that focuses on my difficulties. The approach is great, the course is interactive and very rich. I am delighted, thank you Lingueo!

Audrey R.

Specialist in cybersecurity of connected objects
Chinese: Beginner Level

Always a lot of flexibility and ability to adapt on the part of my teacher! Vocabulary, oral expression, diversity of topics covered. Learning with Lingueo is a real pleasure in every course.

Anne-Lise L.

Computational linguist
Langue des Signes Française : Niveau Débutant

Je viens de suivre mon deuxième cours. On ne parle, on utilise uniquement la langue des signes, c'est parfait. Je progresse rapidement.

Audrey L.

Brazilian Portuguese: Intermediate Level

Once again great courses. The student never has the impression of being bad: Pedro always does his best so that the student does not stress and does not feel lost during the course and that is very pleasant.

Anne-Gaëlle P.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence Consultant
Polish: Beginner Level

I am delighted to follow this course which is really tailor-made. We exchange a lot orally. The training combines learning new skills, reviewing grammar, and training exercises and conversations.

Anna R.

Korean: Improve your writing

For my first experience with LINGUEO, I am very satisfied with the simplicity and the quality. I have progressed a lot, beyond what I imagined at the beginning. Teachers have a lot to do with it!

Amélie L.

Graphic designer
Arabic: Beginner Level

Another course in a good mood, while progressing at a very correct pace. My trainer is always available and offers me topics adapted to my expectations.

Amélie P.

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