How did Albert School find the ideal partner for teaching English to its students.


The problem was that Albert School, in full development, was looking to set up one-hour per week one-on-one English sessions for around thirty students. They needed a partner capable of providing a flexible and fully externally managed offer, which corresponded to their innovative pedagogical approach aimed at reconciling French mathematical rigor and Anglo-Saxon business sense.

The challenge was therefore to find a learning solution that met these specific needs and that promoted the autonomy and progress of students in English.


Ensure the progress in English of each Albert School student through rigorous and personalized follow-up, while supporting their autonomy in the management of their learning.

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Edouard Neuville
Head of Academics

Discover how Albert School, in full development, was able to find the ideal partner for teaching English to its students. Lingueo, with its individual English courses via videoconference and its rigorous follow-up, has succeeded in meeting the specific needs of the institution. The positive feedback from students attests to the success of this approach. However, the journey does not end there.

Learn about the lessons learned from this first year and how Albert School plans to optimize and expand this collaboration for the coming year. Click to find out more about this innovative educational adventure!

When you contacted Lingueo, what was your training need?

Albert School was in the process of being created when we contacted Lingueo and other companies specializing in language courses. We were looking for a formula similar to private lessons in English. We therefore needed to set up one-hour per week one-on-one English sessions for around thirty students.

In the midst of designing the student program, we were open to any proposal, face-to-face or remotely, provided that the provider offered a flexible and 100% externally managed offer.

What skills were in demand and why?

By reconciling French mathematical rigor and Anglo-Saxon business sense, Albert School aims to supply the booming Tech ecosystem with rare talents and future leaders. And to succeed, fluency in English is essential.

In the first year, students take around thirty hours of classes, including one hour of help in English. The fact of offering this approach in private lessons and not a traditional learning course particularly appeals to students and their families when they discover our educational offer.

What were the assets of Lingueo in meeting the needs of Albert School?

We had a good impression both on Lingueo's offer and on the team that was going to manage our project. Lingueo offered us private English lessons by video, with native English speaking teachers. This met our expectations of flexibility and autonomy for students.

The follow-up carried out by Lingueo with each learner and also that provided once a month with the educational manager are assets in the Lingueo offer...

How did the training take shape?

The aim was to improve the skills of 33 first-year students in their English speaking practice.

The objective was for each student to manage their English course schedule themselves, at the rate of one hour per week. While three quarters did so without any reluctance or difficulty, for others, reminders were needed to honor the

hours scheduled in the schedule. To do this, Lingueo deploys a monitoring and attendance system that allows you to be alerted and therefore to get back to the students concerned. But it is up to everyone to gain maturity and become independent, this is part of our ambition for their early entry into working life.

During the first video, a first exchange allows the teacher to assess the level of each student. This initial diagnosis is essential to set up a personalized approach that is consistent with everyone's level. The main thing was to help the students improve their speaking skills in a business perspective.

In what way does the training followed respond to the future professional life of your students?

The feedback is positive. This help in practising English has been appreciated, and a majority of students feel that they have made progress. Having these one-on-one sessions allowed everyone to focus the content on their own projects at Albert School. These one-to-one hours seemed more beneficial to them than if they had taken place in a traditional group class.

It was concrete and useful with a pronounced professional aspect.

Did the training create other training needs?

This first year with Lingueo was an opportunity for everyone to see the limits and the points of improvement. In particular, we are currently discussing how to optimize alerts in case of obvious absenteeism. We are also considering a shorter formula, with 30-minute sessions for denser exchanges and even more flexibility in student schedules.

We plan to expand this support in English next year in the first and second years, i.e. nearly 150 students. We are in the middle of negotiations!

Les enseignements tirés de cette mission, côté Lingueo

Innovation allows us to adapt our offer to the evolving needs of our customers. Thus, we designed and implemented a unique system for Albert School: the use of schedule masks to respect school schedules.

We recognize that time management is a crucial factor for learners, especially for students who have to juggle their courses, extra-curricular activities, homework and of course, their language courses with Lingueo. That is why we have developed this innovative approach, which we believe has greatly improved the learning experience of our users.

Our courses' schedule  are designed to be flexible and adapted to each learner's individual schedule. They allow courses to be planned around school hours, thus ensuring that language learning never interferes with the regular studies or daily activities of our students.

For example, if a student has school lessons from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., we “hide” these hours so that Lingueo courses are only scheduled outside this time range. In this way, the learner can fully concentrate on their school studies during the day, while taking advantage of our high-quality language courses during their free time.

At Lingueo, we strongly believe that learning a language should never be a constraint, but rather a rewarding and fulfilling journey.

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