Brian English teacher

A Franco-American, Brian currently lives in France and has many years of study and teaching to his credit.
He is dedicated, energetic tutor with a passion for his chosen field, and has been an instructor in his mother tongue since 2004. Since obtaining the Cambridge CELTA Diploma, he has taught to a lot of students with diverse profiles and has enjoyed exchanging views with them and helping them to express themselves in English.
A true pedagogue, Brian will tailor lessons and exercises to your exact needs. He will incorporate your core interests, enabling you to improve your level, both oral and written. Brian is both positive and exacting, with a great sense of humour that makes him fun to work with as well as motivating.

Students feedbacks :

  • Excellent professeur !

    Brian corrige chaque erreur que j’ai commise et il m'explique pourquoi après les corrections. J'ai beaucoup amélioré ma grammaire et mon écrit en Anglais grace à lui !

    - Ming

  • Parfait

    Très bien structuré. Très intéressant. Échanges très riches, merci pour les liens vers les sites internet.

    - Jean Christophe

  • Great professor !

    Great professor ! I learn every lesson, he correct me when I do mistake !

    - Mathilde