Stephen English teacher

Stephen is American, and you will find him an outgoing and highly attentive person willing to guide you through each step of your course. He has been teaching for 16 years and gained his experience as a language coach working for a variety of companies.
He's a dedicated and reliable tutor able to motivate and support his students to the point where English becomes second nature.
In addition, he offers specialized training for examinations like TOEIC or TOEFL.
Approachable and positive, he will help you reach your objectives and even exceed them.

Students feedbacks :

  • Very well !

    Lingueo is a very practical and effective platform to improve languages! Their teachers are adorable and very attentive! I just love it !

    - Sacha

  • Stephen is a hardworking person

    I tremendously like my classes with Stephen because I really learn a lot from him and the class goes very well and we have a good laugh.

    - Salma

  • bonne formation

    Il faut bien choisir son prof et ne pas hésiter à changer.

    - Bénédicte