Giada Italian teacher

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Giada is a cosmopolitan and empathic professional Language Coach (that does tailor-made & motivating lessons) & she is also a Teacher (she focuses on Grammar at all levels) and Actress. Her main goal is that the client focuses on Active Leaning method. She has many Strategies for mastering Conversation, of course Pronunciation is as important as Grammar LONG DESCRIPTION: Italian is Giada’s mother tongue. She travels a lot and has lived abroad for a while (Paris, London, Buenos Aires). She earned her MA in Languages and Literatures summa cum laude. She worked as an Italian Teacher, (she focuses on Grammar at all levels) and a Professional Coach (tailor-made and motivating lessons) with a focus on strategic communications and she is also an Actress. In her Italian Language Coaching course she will look at where you are now and will guide and support you on that ‘journey' to Italian language proficiency. Her lessons combine the very best traditional language-learning practices with the latest modern coaching techniques. Here are the Basics of her techniques: • Client focus and tailor-made active learning • Motivation (takes top priority, empathy important too) • Responsibility and ownership on the client’s behalf • Maximize the potential of the learner Her Italian Language Coaching is centered on customized lessons including: • Accent Reduction Strategies. You will focus on: phonetics, word stress, intonation and specific exercises. Learning how to pronounce sounds, words and sentences correctly goes hand in hand with grammar. • Learn/Improve Grammar. Grammatical elements are introduced as you work on your speaking and listening, conversational skills: learn how to say what you mean correctly. • Conversation Practice for general or specific situations and language skills refinement: effective communication skills and their integration into daily life. • Elimination of the Language Barrier. Her Italian Language Coaching is for People looking for a more practical, effective and believable alternative to conventional approaches. • BEGINNER: students with little or no previous experience of Italian. You will learn grammar & pronunciation rules: learning Italian has never been so easy and accessible to all! • INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED SPEAKERS: stuck at their current level and unsure how to progress. Ambitious learners that really want to experience the benefit of communicating at a more advanced level. • PROFESSIONALS, MANAGERS&CREATIVES: in need to dominate Italian to optimize their efficiency in global business contexts. People with ideas and visions to express, which want to influence and inspire in Italian. In all her tailored courses you will increase vocabulary, you'll improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well. Her focus is to tackle FLUENCY & EASE OF COMMUNICATION HER COURSES: CONVERSATION & PRONUNCIATION GRAMMAR (all levels) & PRONUNCIATION TOURIST & PRONUNCIATION CINEMA & PRONUNCIATION BUSINESS & PRONUNCIATION ITALIAN PREPOSITIONS FOCUS & PRONUNCIATION All you need is the desire and belief in yourself…She will take care of the rest! I'll supply you materials according to your needs. “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own” Goethe

Students feedbacks :

  • Très satisfaite!

    J'ai passé un très bon moment avec Giada. Même s'il ne s'agissait pas d'une simple conversation mais d'un test, elle m'a mise très à l'aise, et passé le moment de "est-ce que la connexion va bien fonctionner?" j'étais prise dans la volonté de répondre de manière sincère et pertinente à ses questions, sans trop faire attention à la justesse de mes phrases! Un très bon échange en ce qui me concerne!


  • Un moment de partage très agréable

    Très réticente à l'idée de suivre un cours par écran interposé j'ai beaucoup apprécié ce premier cours,je n'ai pas pratiqué l'italien depuis très longtemps mais avec l'aide de Giada qui est un professeur très agréable je suis sûre de progresser rapidement!

    - Mary Marielle