The Lingueo team : Passionate about language learning

To ensure that your language course exceeds your expectations, we offer excellent customer service combined with superior personal tutors.

Caring, attentive educational advisors

Customer satisfaction is a key priority : you can count on the Lingueo team to support you throughout the learning process.

Lingueo's quality assurance :

  • A dedicated contact person,
    a full needs analysis at the outset.
  • The ability to provide constructive advice
    a course that answers your needs and objectives.
  • Free and instantaneous technical support :
    help with Skype installation and hardware testing ...
  • Flexibility guaranteed :
    addition of secondary teacher, training extensions ...

Our customer service team is located at our headquarters in Paris : all your requests will be dealt with in a detailed and timely manner by friendly staff intrinsic to the day-to-day operation of Lingueo.

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Carefully chosen teachers

We believe that quality teaching is essential to successful language learning outcomes. Since 2007, Lingueo has been selecting the best tutors out there and making them available to its clients thanks to videoconferencing technologies that are now widely available.

Only 15% of applicants are accepted as teachers by Lingueo as they must conform to our key criteria of being able to deliver challenging, high quality training courses.

Some teachers :

Lingueo recruits the best language teachers

If you would like to join our team of passionate teachers, we invite you to apply via our dedicated website