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English is a must

Omnipresent in both working and personal life, English has become an essential skill. From school programs to the business community, through to the cultural sector and tourism, the prevalence of English in all its forms reflects the phenomenon of globalization and is very much part of our daily lives. A lack of English can mean missing out on a variety of fulfilling activities, on the chance for self-development and discovery ... So why not start improving today ?

Key factors for successful learning

A grasp of the basics can open many doors - but why stop there ? For your learning curve to be really successful, you must take every chance you can get. Equip yourself with the tools for fast and effective progress and see the process through to the end ! Set yourself a challenge, come out of your comfort zone, take the initiative and you may be surprised at, and proud of what you can achieve. Simplify your learning, as this could be the key to your success !

Teaching tips for learning English

If there were only one piece of advice to give, it would be this : practice regularly ! Movies, music and reading, VO, taking every opportunity to talk to people... there are numerous ways to strengthen your vocabulary, soak up grammatical structures in a naturalistic way, and train your ears to the nuances of English. Most methods are of value, it's a question of finding what works best for you, and your teacher is always there to advise you, along with the Lingueo team. So don't just rely on your lessons, boost your learning experience every day in your own special way !

Lingueo - here to support you

Lingueo offers customized training solutions that draw on a wealth of Anglo-Saxon linguistic and cultural heritage. Our courses are multi-purpose : for work and travel, for discovery and sharing - we provide specially adapted, fully comprehensive programs, taught by British, American, Canadian and/or Australians tutors. So get ready to go, and access an unlimited range of opportunities. Be guided by us, we will show you the way, and support you at every turn !