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Lingueo has been providing online courses since 2007 and offers one-to-one lessons in over 9 different languages. Our certified tutors teach their mother tongue using Skype.
How does it work ?

Learn a language quickly, easily and more effectively via webcam


Choose your course and your teacher in a few clicks. An advisor is always available to help you find the best formula.


Booking your course is both flexible and practical. Thanks to Lingueo's online tools and a webcam you can practice wherever and whenever you want to.


Courses are customized, motivating and enjoyable, resulting in rapid progress.

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Stephen is a pretty good teacher and he knew how to relax me

- Le 9/30/17

Great first lesson!

My trainer is very helpful with helping me pronounce and learn phrases for my trip to France. I had a great first lesson!

Taylor - Le 9/11/14

Our Courses

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Our training courses :

Learn with Lingueo - our proposition

Expert tutoring in a wide variety of languages and so much more ! Lingueo can also prepare you for exams such as TOEIC and TOEFL, for job interviews and important meetings. We even offer specialist training such as French Sign Language (LSF) and Baby Sign Language (LSB). A world of possibilities with a common feature : a commitment to quality and value. So don't delay, get your project underway - our educational consultants and expert tutors are eager to assist you !

Lingueo tutorials - each to their own

Our most popular courses are - English, German, Spanish.

At Lingueo we consider it of paramount importance that training is tailored to meet specific needs. Our learners are diverse, with their own goals and dreams, personal and professional profiles. It would be wrong to limit our clients to general teaching practices so individual requirements are carefully considered. Our methodology and course content is devised, adapted and monitored by a dedicated team of tutors and educational consultants.

The Lingueo Seal of Quality : your success is ours !

We pride ourselves on the professionalism, patience, openness, flexibility and dynamism of our mother-tongue speaking, fully qualified tutors. We customize course content in line with your starting level, goals and profile, and help ensure that your training timetable in no way encroaches on your personal life or work schedule. We optimize your progress by setting the learning pace in advance, with Lingueo advisors "on call" to answer queries and maximize results. We can assist with exams, meetings, job interviews, CVs and work related documents, and undertake to provide high quality coaching sessions and teaching materials to enable your success.